Why You Should Buy a Mattress Online

April 24, 2023
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Getting a good night's sleep is one of the most important things that we can do for our health. Trying to sleep on a mattress that is old and worn out can cause you to wake up with back pain and headaches, instead of waking up feeling refreshed and ready for your day. Even though we know that buying a new mattress will improve our sleep, the process of buying a mattress is a hassle that makes many of us put it off. Fortunately, now there is another option that allows you to purchase a mattress online, get the best mattress deals, and have it shipped to your home conveniently. Let's check once out this hassle-free way of getting a mattress that will give you the rest that you deserve.

Why You Should Buy a Mattress Online

How Buying a Mattress Has Changed

The old way of buying a mattress meant taking time off work or on the weekend and traveling around your town to different mattress stores to try them out. Sometimes, it meant traveling out of town and traveling considerable distances so that you can lay on each one. You had to deal with a pushy salesperson trying to talk you into what felt best for you. The result was a lot of time and energy spent, and in the end, you may have been talked into a more expensive mattress that did not result in the good night’s sleep that you expected. The hassle is one of the reasons why many people choose to sleep on a mattress that is no longer giving them the rest that they deserve.

Mattress technology itself has changed over the past five years, and there are now advanced options that allow you to choose the best mattresses for your body type, weight, and other factors. Not only have mattresses changed, so has the way you shop for them and buy them. Now, direct-to-consumer mattress companies offer you a wide range of choices that you can compare right from the comfort of your home, and you can get the best mattress deals for you.

Some people may be hesitant to buy a mattress online. The main reason is that they cannot try out the mattress for themselves by laying on it like you can in a brick-and-mortar store. In reality, it takes your body around 30 days to adjust to your new sleeping surface. (1) This means that the few minutes you spend testing it out in store are not a good representation of how it will feel to you one month for now.

This is where online retailers have an advantage. Many of them offer a trial. of anywhere from 30 to 100 days and allow you to get a full refund if the mattress is not what you expected. Many brick-and-mortar stores only offer a 10-day trial, which is not enough to see how well the mattress fits your body.

Direct-to-Consumer Mattress Companies

Many companies such as Leesa, Casper, and Tuft & Needle allow you the ability to buy your mattress directly from the manufacturer. This means no middleman or retailers and can mean a deep discount. Shopping online means that you are not just limited to the models and types that are available in your local vicinity. There is an almost endless selection of firmness levels, sizes, top options, spring technology, materials, and options. You are not just limited to the selection in the store.

Here are a few more reasons why online shopping is a better experience than many brick-and-mortar stores have to offer:

  • Shop and compare from the convenience of your home
  • Take time to read honest customer reviews and experiences
  • Make your decision in a low-stress environment with no pushy salespeople
  • Take your time reading the fine print and making your decision
  • Compare sleep at trial and allow yourself enough time to see if you have made the right choice
  • Ability to compare warranties and conditions
  • Do research and match the mattress to your sleeping type
  • When you are ready order online and have it shipped to your home

Is Buying A Mattress Online Safe?

After years of having the brick-and-mortar option as the only way to buy a mattress, consumers who are new to the idea may have concerns about whether it is safe. The short answer to that is yes, it is completely safe, as long as you work with a company that has a good reputation in the business. This is a highly competitive market, and many companies are committed to offering excellent products, services, and providing excellent user experiences in terms of their ordering process, shipping, and refund policies. They want you to be happy so that you will recommend them and come back.

If you buy from one of the major mattress companies, you are more than likely to have an excellent buying experience. However, you should avoid second-hand online retailers, such as those that you might find on general merchandise sites such as eBay or Amazon. Make sure that the company you are working with is a major retailer, and not someone who might be offering a low-quality, or even used, merchandise at a discount price.

A mattress is a major purchase for most people, and it is important to make sure that you are making a good investment decision. This is an investment in your health and sleep quality. Price is important, but the quality is the most important factor. Dealing with mattress manufacturers directly is an excellent way to assure that you will have the best buying experience.

How Is the Mattress Shipped?

The entire shipment and ordering process is an excellent reason to consider buying online. When you purchase a mattress online, it will more than likely come shipped vacuum-sealed in heavy plastic. It will come as a tube that can be easily moved, even with one person. If you have stairs that you must navigate, this is an excellent way to receive your mattress. You can easily just walk it up the stairs to its final destination. There is no maneuvering box springs around the corner of the stairwell or through narrow passages.

Once the mattress is inside your home, you simply place it on your bed frame, and carefully cut plastic with a utility knife or scissors. It is extremely important to make sure that no one is in the way because they often pop open with a spring action that could cause injury. Make sure that there are no pets or children in the area when you cut the plastic. After this, place the mattress in its final position, and allow it to sit for the recommended number of hours according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is important that you not allow anyone to lie or sit on the bed during this period. During this time, the mattress will fluff up and achieve its final shape and size. After that, it is ready to add your own bedding and enjoy.

Buying a mattress online is one of the most convenient options that we have available to us today. It makes mattress buying a pleasant experience, and you can often get some excellent deals on the best mattresses when you use this option. Best of all, you can take your time deciding which is the right choice for you, and you have a long trial so you can be assured of your decision. These are many of the reasons why many people are choosing this mattress buying option, as opposed to the old brick and mortar way of choosing bedding


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