The Best Places to Sell Your Stuff Online and Make Money

April 24, 2023
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If you're like most people, you probably have a ton of stuff in your attic or garage that you need to get rid of. Clearing out old stuff you no longer need can be a freeing feeling, but getting money for your unwanted stuff is even better. There are tons of places that you can sell your stuff online and make money without the hassles of starting a yard sale and dealing with 100 people tramping through your front yard all day.

Used Clothing

The Best Places to Sell Your Stuff Online and Make Money


If you have a ton of clothing hanging around that no longer fits or you simply just don't want, sell it on Poshmark. This site is best for people who have designer clothing or very gently used items that can fetch a high price online. Do you have a beautiful gown that you only wore once to a formal ball or a high-end bedding set that your aunt gave you and you never used? Clothes that still have tags on them? Then Poshmark is the site for you. Poshmark charges a flat fee of $2.95 (1) for all items priced at $15 or less and a 20% cut for items priced higher than $15. Some people make hundreds of dollars a week selling on Poshmark so if you're due for a closet cleanout, start here.

Bag Borrow or Steal

This site is best for the lady who has a closet full of designer handbags just waiting to be sold. Bag Borrow or Steal offers a platform for you to sell your gently used designer accessories and get instant cash. The site will either buy your bag outright or take it on consignment and pay you 70% of the profit when it sells.(2) Bag Borrow or Steal then resells your items to consumers or leases them out to people who want a new designer bag each month.


If your kids outgrow their clothes months after you buy them, Kidizen may be the answer. This site is a favorite of moms who are constantly recycling their kids clothes, some with tags still attached. Not only can you sell kids' clothing on Kidizen, you can sell maternity clothing, shoes, hair accessories and some toys. Kidizen charges a fee of 12% + $.50 for each sold and shipped item that you list. (3) Some moms make a few hundred dollars a month selling their kids' old items on Kidizen, so it's definitely worth a look if you have little items collecting dust in your home.


People love selling their stuff on ThredUp because it's so easy. You don't have to set up a photography studio in your home, worry about shipping or deal with customer service issues when you use ThredUp. You can sell your gently used clothing by simply filling a pre-paid envelope with your things and letting the marketing team do the rest. There are some tips for getting the most for your money. Clean clothing that is trendy and less than five years old sells best, so it pays to send only your best items. Sellers can earn between 5-80% of the selling price for items the site purchases upfront.(4) If you choose to consign your items, you can expect to earn 20%-90% of your asking price. For designer labels, you earn an additional 10% commission.

Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed is a platform for brides to sell their gently-worn wedding gowns. Nearly Newlywed is mainly for dresses that sell for $500 or more, so if you have a designer gown hanging in your closet this is a good site for getting the most for your dress. (5) You set your price for your dress based on its condition and age. Pay a one time fee to list your dress and the site will arrange for you to send it to the buyer. Depending on the condition of your dress, you can earn half or more of the value of your dress.

Used Books and Electronics


If you have textbooks lying around, you can sell them on CashForBooks and get more for your money than selling them at the college bookstore. The website has an easy search tool that you can use to find out how much you can get for your books. This service is excellent for students who want to get money back from their textbooks at the highest prices on the market. The site pays by PayPal or check after they receive your books. The site gives out custom quotes based on the demand for your book. (6)


BuyBackTronics is the best site to sell back your old cell phones, AirPods, MacBooks and tablets. To get started selling on the site, simply search the home page for the electronics you already have and get a custom quote instantly. BuyBackTronics is best for people who have old electronics that they no longer use or phones that are still operational but are older models. How much you earn is largely based on the condition of the electronics and their age. (7)


A lot of people swear by Swappa when it comes to getting the best price for gently used electronics. Plenty of people are looking to buy electronics that are just a few years out of date or aren't the latest, most upgraded model. Selling on Swappa is totally free, and sellers set their prices for their items. The site verifies the serial numbers on your products and they must pass a quality control check before you can sell them on the site. The site never charges the seller a fee---they collect their profit from a small fee charged to the buyer. Swappa pays out by PayPal weekly. (8)

Miscellaneous Items


Bonanza is the site for selling all of the other odds and ends you have lying around the house. Dishes, musical instruments, Christmas trees, handbags, sports equipment---you name it, you can sell it on Bonanza. This site is for anyone who wants to do a wholesale cleanout of their home and get cash back in the process. Bonanza charges a 3.5% fee for all items sold for less than $500, and a 3.5% fee for items priced at more than $500 plus 1.5% for the portion over $500. (A $700 item would incur a fee of 3.5% for the $500 and an additional 1.5% for the remaining $250, for example.) (9)

Ruby Lane is the site for people who have vintage items for sale. Ruby Lane users sell antique jewelry and silverware, furniture, lighting, rugs and collectibles. Users can set up a shop on the site and sell up to 50 items a month for a one-time fee of $54. For 51-150 items, the site charges $.30 per item. For 151-1000 items, sellers pay a fee of $.20, and for more than 1001 items, sellers pay $0.01 per item. Ruby Lane also caps its service fees at $250 per item.

Facebook Marketplace

If you're interested in selling large items to people in your local community, Facebook Marketplace might be the way to go. Facebook doesn't provide a way for you to collect payment or ship any items---it's up to you to arrange that directly with the buyer. Facebook marketplace is best for people who have large items like cars, appliances or furniture that requires pickup. Facebook does not take a fee, as they are simply the platform, so your asking price is exactly what you will get for your items. (10)

Clearing out your household stuff can not only be cathartic, but profitable. From getting a few bucks for your books to selling your wedding gown for hundreds or getting cash for your designer clothes, there are platforms that will help you turn your things into someone else's treasure.

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