10 Best At-Home Workout Programs

10 Best At-Home Workout Programs

Weekly Wealth Staff
Jan 09, 2023

The pandemic has changed what our options look like. Favorite coffeeshops and restaurants, time spent with friends, and just about everything that made normal life normal has been stripped away for the time being. While there's a lot we can't control right now, there are a few things we can -- one of them being our health.

Some of us are fortunate to live in areas where commercial gyms have re-opened; others are still forced to sweat it out in the living room or the garage. For those of us in the second group, fret not: There are a ton of great programs and products out there that make working out at home easy. Well, maybe at least doable.

If you're used to all the equipment and classes that your old gym offered, working out at home might seem daunting or confusing at first. In light of this problem, fitness influencers and large gyms have released a plethora of at-home workout guides that aim to give their followers a bit of structure to latch on to in their home exercise pursuits.

We've compiled a list of 10 of our favorite at-home workout programs from people who know what they're talking about when it comes to health and wellness. Lots of us probably have a limited amount of space or equipment; thankfully, most of these programs are tailored towards that crowd. There's something for just about everyone out there, from serious bodybuilders to Crossfit athletes to couch potatoes. Read on for our list of the 10 best at-home workout programs.

1. Alo Moves

If you're limited on equipment, yoga is a great option. All you need is your own body and enough space to move around. Alo Moves is a yoga-focused workout database with tons of variety. New workouts are uploaded every week, which means you won't get bored or stagnant in your workout routine. Along with yoga, Alo Moves offer HIIT classes and barre, and even some calisthenics skill courses. If you're used to lifting heavy and hard, some time spent away from the weight room could be restorative. The program comes with a mobile app that allows you to access their database of workouts on the go.

Price: 20$/month

2. Peloton

You're probably familiar with Peloton from its sleek, stylish exercise bike. Peloton began as a way to bring the spin class experience to the home. Since its inception, it's branched out into a full fitness system that offers anything from guided runs to weight lifting classes. Everything operates through its app, and you can access the app, along with its workout database, without purchasing a bike or treadmill.

Price: 13$/month.

3. P.Volve

Once the pandemic hit, it was nearly impossible to find a weight set for a reasonable price. Barbell sets and dumbbells flew off the shelves at retail stores, and equipment for sale on sites like Craigslist went for ridiculous prices. Desperate for a way to work out, people turned to resistance bands as a way to strength train at home.

As it turns out, resistance bands are an inexpensive and versatile way to strength train at home. P.Volve caught on to that fact and developed a strength-focused workout routine that includes resistance bands and ankle weights. The program includes more than 200 workouts, with new ones added weekly. (1)

Price: $20/month; $135/year

4. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a totally free, app-based workout routine made by world-class personal trainers. It includes a massive database of home workout routines that can help you stick to a consistent schedule. Each workout can be filtered based on equipment availability, which can help take some of the guesswork out of bodyweight training.

5. Insanity

This program gained some notoriety in the early 2000's, and it's still going strong today. The program has a reputation for being seriously tough -- and it is. The good news is that every workout has scaled options for beginners, so you don't have to be in Olympic shape to give it a try. Most workouts focus on bodyweight conditioning exercises in a circuit format. It's focused primarily on fat loss and conditioning, but you can certainly build strength on this routine.

Cost: $39 for three months, $59 for six months, or $99 for 12 months.

6. PiYo

Made by Beachbody (the same company that created Insanity), this is a Pilates/Yoga hybrid program with a cardio focus. PiYo is low-impact and can be done with no equipment. Yoga is great for mobility and recovery, but its slow pace can make it boring for some people. PiYo is yoga with the athlete in mind. Every workout is done at a non-stop pace, so there's no long periods of holding the same pose. It's also a great option for people who have downstairs neighbors, as it's much less noisy than a program like Insanity.

Cost: $39 for three months, $59 for six months, or $99 for 12 months.

7. BBG

Made by Australian trainer Kayla Itsines, this program combines steady-state cardio, HIIT, and strength circuit workouts. These workouts are perfect for people who have access to some equipment like dumbbells, benches, and medicine balls. There are substitutes available for those who don't have access to equipment. Every BBG workout is 28 minutes long, and the program runs for a total of 12 weeks.

$20/month for an app membership

8. Centr6

Centr6 is an at-home workout program designed by Chris Hemsworth. The concept is 6 exercises done for 6 rounds, 6 days a week for 6 weeks. The video guided workouts are led by Chris's own personal trainers, and every workout is designed for versatility and flexibility. Every workout lasts just 20-25 minutes and includes cardio and strength training. The program requires a set of dumbbells. Every workout can be scaled from beginner to advanced levels as well.

Price: 29/month, $60/3 months, $120/year

9. Obe Fitness

If you miss the classes at your old gym, Obe fitness aims to bring that experience to your home. The app claims to feature New York's best fitness instructors leading more than 100 live workouts each week. They offer 28 and 10-minute workouts that focus on strength or cardio. The workouts can be done with or without equipment like bands or dumbbells.

Cost: $27/month; $200/year

10. Tonal

It's by far the priciest home workout solution on this list, but if you've got the cash, it could be a worthy investment. Tonal is, at its core, a cable machine -- albeit a very, very fancy one. Everything in the system comes in a sleek, modern-looking package that sits neatly on your wall. Two cable arm attachments sit on either side of the massive touchscreen interface that gives you access to Tonal's own library of custom workouts. The great thing about the cable system is that it offers varying, reactive resistance that adjusts itself as you get stronger. (2)

Price: $2,995 for the system, plus a $49 monthly subscription for a minimum of one year.

When you pay for a workout program, you pay for the expertise of trainers who have done the research and planning for you. Along with the paid options listed here, there are a multitude of free resources available to you online. There are hundreds and hundreds of personal trainers on Youtube offering home-based workout plans for the low, low price of free. Whichever path you pursue, rest assured that you're making the right decision by taking care of your body.


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